What are the important functions of gift boxes?

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For consumers, the goods are important, but in the same goods, more willing to choose a beautiful appearance of the gift box packaging goods more popular, because people are not particularly aware of the goods, the customer first depends on the eyes to judge, after understanding whether to buy, can be imagined How attractive is the new color to the customer, packaging is not only new design, packaging itself a few important functions you "understand"?

First, protect commodities.

From being produced to entering the consumption stage, commodities have to undergo the transformation of time and space. Packaging design plays a protective role in this process. The reasonable containers are used to protect the packed goods from both physical and chemical aspects. Packaging can not only prevent physical damage such as shock, extrusion, bump and wear, but also prevent various chemical reactions and other forms of accidents. Reasonable packaging has the functions of anti-seismic, anti-compressive, anti-tensile, anti-extrusion, anti-wear and so on, and protects the goods from being loaded, stored and transported. Some can also solve the sun, moisture, anti-corrosion, leakage, fire problems, to ensure that goods in any case are intact.

Gift packing box

Two, beautify commodities and facilitate people's acceptance.

From conception to finished product, the design of the packaging container depends on various natural or artificial materials. The aesthetic feeling of packaging container shape is transmitted to people's sensory system through the color, texture of materials and the shape image designed and processed consciously.

Three. Facilitate circulation and use.

Packaging design attaches great importance to human factors, emphasizing humanization and convenience. Various environments, including storage, transportation and use, are taken into account in the design process. For example, in terms of use, the design is in accordance with the human-machine relationship in ergonomics, which makes every link convenient.

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