Brief analysis of the special process of gift box production

2018-10-15 09:16:57 zhongqi 1

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people also pay special attention to gifts, to deal with customized packaging box requirements are increasingly high, can not be limited to the satisfaction of gift box packaging elegance. There are many customers who like to customize spare-time, including packaging printing and construction technology have a lot of requests, today let's take a look at the printing of exquisite gift boxes and some special construction technology.

1. New printing process and nano printing

Packaging box customization manufacturer in the gift box packaging cover printing, the application of nano-technology, it is in the details of the performance of a strong, high precision, high and low nano image in the mold profile will be correctly transferred to the substrate profile of the polymer film.

The transferred image is commensurate with the size of the mold. This provides the potential utilization of nanotechnology. Nano-printing has become a digital printing flexibility and traditional offset printing high compliance and economic characteristics, not only to achieve higher production compliance, but also allows gift box packaging plants and printing manufacturers to seamlessly tail the current environment.

2, transfer printing can be divided into two types: thermal transfer and cold transfer.

1. Heat transfer printing is to engrave the desired pattern on the copper plate, heat it to a certain temperature, put our product on the board to be transferred to the product, then we can transfer the desired pattern to the product. It is mainly used for plastics, EVA, stainless steel and suitable for mass production.

2. Water transfer, can be divided into two kinds, one is used for the mark transfer skills, important for the transfer of photo-realistic patterns and pen and ink. Secondly, the transfer technology of water draping, large transfer area, water-melting, water-based film bearing pattern, good spread function, easy to surround entanglement products, water transfer is generally used for digital impact cost is small.

3. Gilding is the mold we have made, aiming at the position we want to be ironed, adjusting the gilding machine to the temperature that can be ironed, ironing the gold we want to be ironed on the material we want to be ironed, and the poor temperature adjustment will probably make the gold ironed, the temperature and position of the gilding to be ironed very tense.

4. Protruding is a kind of product that the necessary patterns or fonts are pressed together by carved templates. Another is that we see in daily life as if the rise of bronzing, this kind of technology will have certain difficulty, set must be accurate, otherwise set in the occurrence of double shadows will be very humiliating.

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